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Digital vs. Ink on Paper Signature

Digital Signature is not a substitute for a Real (Ink on Paper) Signature witnessed by the Lawyer. The V.I.P. (Very Important Paperwork) has to be signed the old conservative way. Even if the technology behind the Digital Signature is virtually unbreakable, there is no guarantee that the access to that technology (passwords, keys etc...) is not compromised.

There is a large number of documents where most of the people still use Fax or Email. This is really an archaic and inefficient way. It does not provide any technical means to verify the signature or authenticity of the document. After the document was faxed several times, not only the signature is unverifiable, but the document itself is often unreadable. This technology is not secure and obsolete.

Another aspect of using Fax or Email is the fact that it wastes a lot of paper. Paper means trees. It is not only inefficient, it is an insanity and has to stop. Our application is just a small effort to stop this. Lets go paperless. Save time, save money save trees.

Technical details

Currently the acceptance of Digital Signature is relatively low in general public and among professionals. To sign the document remotely most of the people still do Print-Sign-Scan cycle. This is inefficient, waste of time, paper and these signatures are not verifiable. There is definitely a reason why this Print-Sign-Scan operation is still widely used. It is an inconvenience of the existing Digital Signature implementations:

- In many cases a user is required to buy the digital certificate from Certificate Authority.
- The certificate expire over time.
- This certificate has to be set up on the user's computer or in some cases it is a USB key drive.
- The Certificate Authority White List may differ in different PDF readers, which creates even bigger problem with signature verification.

The above reasons are enough to make the process not accepted by general public. Also there are issues with security:
- Many Digital Signature implementations sign a content or even part of the content of the file.
This does not secure the whole file. That possibly leaves the space for security holes.
- The content of most document formats is not just text. Currently most of the formats allow a dynamic content.

It is usually some form of script – JavaScript, VB Script or other active components. This is also a security threat.
Taken that into consideration we decided to create a new type of Digital Signature implementation. It is more an application rather than a web site. It is straight forward in functionality with strong focus on security.
Below is brief list of what you can do at the SkySignature.com.

Create personal profile

After registering a new Account at SkySignature.com you are expected to enter First and Last Name, optionally, upload your avatar image. You also create the images of your Signature and Initials. There are several ways to create your Signature and Initials: <

- Select one of the images auto-generated from your name.
- Draw it on the screen by the mouse.
- Upload the scanned images og your Signature and Initials.

Add Contacts

You can add the co-signer to the document only from your contact list. To add a contact you need to send the invitation to the person you know. Then that person has to follow the link to create an account and accept your invitation. The application does not provide the "People Search" functionality. This concept ensures that people in your contact list are the real people you know.

Sign the Document

We make it as easy as possible - drag your signature from the "Signature Palette" on the left site and drop it onto the Document's page on the right side. Then save the page. After you signed all the pages you finalize the document. Now you can either download it or send the download link to anyone.

Prepare the Document for signing

On the "Signature Palette" there are two groups of draggable controls - "My Signature" and "Sign Here Tags". You can drag and drop Sign Here Tags to the exact location on the document page. This acts like "Sign Here" stickers. There are two types of tags: generic (for everyone) and personalised with the signer name on it. The second ones are visible to the intended signatory only.

Send document to sign

You can send the link for signing the document to the person who does not have an account. He will receive the email with the document's link. When the signer follows the link - he will be presented the step by step facility to create the signature on the fly and to sign the document.

Verify the signature

This is a simple process. Click on the signature on the document and you will be directed to the verification page - www.SkySignature.com/verify . Then you need to upload the document to confirm the authenticity. The detailed report of all signatories will show.

PDF Tools

The application provides the graphical facility to combine individual pages from several PDF documents into the new one. There is a rich editing PDF tools - you can type anywhere on the page. This allows you to fill out complex PDF forms. Finally there are other draggable objects on "Signature Palette" - your name, current date, check mark and circle. This makes SkySignature.com a really useful tool for professionals, who need to work and sign PDF documents on day-to-day basis.





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