How-To Videos and Guide

Profile Setup

• In your browser go to
• Click "Enter" menu item on page header.
• In the new Login screen click "Register New Account" link.
• Enter your email address, password no shorter than 8 characters, confirm password.
• Enter verification code, then click "Register" button
• Go to your email and check the message from
• If you do not see it – check your spam folder.
• Click on the Activation link.
• You should see the confirmation message that Your account is active.
• Now you can login and complete your profile.

• Enter your First and Last name. If needed - edit the Full Name. These fields are required.
• Optionally, upload your avatar display image
• Click "Save" button at the very bottom of the page.
• Now you can create your Signature and Initials images.
• There are three methods to create them:
• Choose one of the auto generated images, based on your name.
Draw the Signature and Initials with the mouse.
Scan your real Signature and Initials images and upload them.
• Now the Profile is complete and you can start uploading and signing your Documents.

Signing your First Document

• Login to your account at
• Make sure you are in My Documents page.
• The Application accepts many kind of document formats including PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Document, PNG and JPEG images.
• Click "Upload New Document" button on the top-right corner.
• Select the document you want to sign and upload it.
• Wait for the document being uploaded. Then you can upload another one or close the Upload Dialog.
• Now The uploaded document is in your Document's List.

Click on the Document Name to open it.
• In the Left Navigation panel you should see a Signature Palette.
• You can Drag and Drop any of the Signature images onto the document.
• You can also re-size the Signatures
• For your convenience, Your Name and Current Date are also provided as the Draggable controls.
• There are other helpful Draggable controls, provided for Documents editing purpose.
• To remove the Signature from the Document – just Drag it off the Document boundaries.
• You have to Save Every Page when you are done with this page.
• If you go to next page without saving - Unsaved signatures will be discarded.
• After you signed the Document - click "Finalize Document" button
• This will seal the Document - no other signatures or document editing can be made.
• After the Document is Finalized you can Download and distribute it.
• To Download the Document click "Download Finalized Document" button.
• Anyone who has the Document file signed at can verify the Document and signatures authenticity.
• There are a few ways how to verify a document.
• One is to open up the document and click on the Signature you want to verify.
• It will open the Web Browser and navigate to verification page.
• You can see that the Document is found in the Database, but to verify it's content and all the signatures you have to upload the actual document.
• After the document was uploaded you can see the full report: The Authenticity, who created the document and who signed it.
• Another way is to go directly to to URL:
• Upload the signed Document and see the Validation report.
Finally, if you already logged in to your account – you can simply click Verification menu.
• Here you can varify any signed Document.

Sending a Document for Signing via Email

• Login to your account and navigate to "My Documents" page.
• Open the Document you want to send, it has to have status "Unlocked".
• You cannot send the document for signing if it is Finalized.
• Click "Send to Sign" button right above the Document's page.
• Now you can see your contact's list. It is probably empty at this stage.
• To send an invitation to your party click "Create new contact" button.
• Fill out the "Contact Email" - it is a mandatory field.
• Optionally, fill out First Name, Last Name and Short Message.
• Click "Send" button.
• Now the invitation message is sent to the Email address and it has to be accepted by your party.
• You do not have to wait for your party to accept it, you already can see this contact in your contact list.
• You can select this contact's check box and click "Add Selected Signatories" button.
• This will Add your Contact to the Document Signatory List and send another email saying that there is a document waiting for his signature.

• When the recipient opens his/her email - there will be two emails:
• One - is a Registration Invitation.
• Another is for Document waiting for his/her Signature.
• The contact may open firat email, register the account first and then sign the document.
• Or he may go straight to the second email and follow the link.
• He/She will be guided through several pages - complete Account Registration and Signing process on the fly.
• When your contact will finish the Registration and Signing process - you can finalize the document.
• It will allow both of you to Download and Distribute signed document.
• The Document's Authenticity and the Signature origin can be easily verified by clicking on the signature image.

Inviting a new Contact

• You can add the Co-signors to the document only from your Contact's list.
• To add the contacts to the list you have to know their email address.
• Login to your SkySignature account and go to "My Contacts" left navigation menu.
• There are three Tabs: "My Contacts", "Invitations Sent", "Invitations Received".
• You can send the invitation from any of the two: "My Contacts" or "Invitations Sent"
• Click on "Invite new Contact" button on the right-top corner.
• Fill out the "Contact Email" - it is a mandatory field.
• Optionally, fill out First Name, Last Name and Short Message.
• Click "Send" button.
• Now the invitation message is sent to the Email address and it has to be accepted by your party.
• After the recipient accepts the invitation he/she will appear in your "Contact's List"

Prepare Document for Signing - Add "Sign Here" Tags

• Login to your account at
• Go to "My Documents" left navigation menu.
• Upload or open the document you want to prepare for Signing.
• The Document has to have status "Unlocked".
• You cannot prepare the document for signing if it is Finalized.
• On top of the left navigation panel you can see "My Signature" drop-down box. Click and open it.
• There is a "Sign Here Tags" item - click on it.
• Now you will see the number of "Sign Here" tags available to be dragged on the Document.
• Place the appropriate tags on the right place on the Document's page.
• Click "Save Page"
• You have to Save Every Page when you are done with this page.
• If there are other Signatories assigned to this Document, then you can see the personalised "Sign Here" tags in the "My Signature" drop-down box, • The differences are:
• The generic "Sign Here" tags are visible to every person, authorized to view the Document.
• The personalised "Sign Here" tags are visible to the Document's owner and to the only one signatory. • The personalised tags also have the Signor name on it.
• After you added "Sign Here" tags and saved the Document's pages, the Co-Signors can see these tags.
• They can sign the Documents on the proper places and delete the tags no longer needed.

Finalize Document and Verify Authenticity

• Login to your account at
• Go to "My Documents" left navigation menu.
• The column 'Signed' displays how many people have signed the document vs how were many people assigned to sign.
• Open the document.
• Once you are satisfied with the edited document, click the Finalize button at the top.
• Now you can download this document using the Download button at the top.
• The signatures in the PDF are clickable, clicking a signature takes you to the document verification page.
• On the document verification page, upload your document and details about the signatures, such as who signed at on which date, will be displayed.

PDF Tools - PDF Composer

• PDF Tools allows you to create a new PDF Document out of the individual pages of the existing documents
• We assume that you already uploaded some documents so, you have a few entries in your "My Documents" list.
• Login to your account at
• Go to "PDF Tools" left navigation menu.
• Now you can see your Document's List.
• Select the source Documents and click "Add selected documents" button.
• Now you are in the "New PDF Document Creation" facility.
• Drag individual pages or range of the pages from the Source to the Target panel.
• The top element of every source panel represents "All the pages" of the document.
• Use it if you need to drag the whole document.
• Use "Ctl" and "Shift" keyboard buttons to drag several pages or range of pages of the same document.
• The New Document's Name is auto generated and you can edit it at the bottom of the page
• Click "Save" button.
• Now navigate to "My Documents" navigation menu item.
• You should see the Newly Created Document in your list.





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