FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that uses a mathematical technique to validate the integrity and authenticity of a message, software or digital document. It is digital equivalent of a handwritten signature or stamped seal only it is far more secure.

I just signed, finalized and downloaded the document.
But the verification page says - it is not Authentic. Why?

Most likely this is not an authentic copy of the Document.
If you opened the Document with the PDF Reader and then "Saved As" or "Saved a Copy", then the document's binary content was altered.
Please, use only file operations (i.e. Windows Explorer - copy file) to make a document's copy.

Is the document signed on this site is secure, reliable and verifiable?

It is definitely more secure and more protected than the faxed or scanned and emailed documents.
We believe it is superior to most of the currently implemented algorithms.
To verify the Authenticity of the Document's file and Signatures on the document - go to:
Upload the Document's file to get the authenticity report.
Alternatively, you can click on the signature on the PDF document
and you will be redirected to the verification page.
The Document's verification is possible only online.

What is the primary functionality for this site?

The real goal is - Paperless Signature. This is actually the single purpose of this site.
We try to break the "Print-Sign-Scan" cycle and make the document signing process simple and easy.
Hopefully, it will save some trees.
There will be some other document management related functionality developed over time,
but for now - it is a Paperless Signature Site.

How do I know that the document's co-signator is the real person?

The Person's Identity verification is beyond the site's functionality and ability.
The User should know the person and email address before inviting him/her to be a contact.
Also, the co-signatory can be added to the document only from the contacts list.

Is there any search functionality for the existing SkySignature users?

No. The reason is simple - the User has to know who he is dealing with.
This is not a social media site. User's contacts should come from real life, not as a result of random search function.

Will the document signed on this site be a legal document?

The Digital Signature regulations and acceptance varies from Country to Country.
Currently most of the countries and jurisdictions accept the Digital Signature concept.
Please, check your local rules and regulations before you are going to use this site.

Is the actual document stored on the SkySignature's server?

Yes, but only until it is deleted by the Document's owner.
After User deletes the document - it is no longer stored on the server.
The only digital digest is kept for the verification purpose only.
We ensure utmost security and privacy with all documents stored; even we do not have access to view any of the documents.





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