About the Project

Our Vision

The Digital Signature concept is not new. There is a great number of online and desktop solutions for this. But most people are still following the Print-Sign-Scan cycle followed by email to have the document signed. The reality is that this process is very tedious, time consuming and it is just a waste of resources. There must be something wrong with other applications available on the market that make people so reluctant to go paperless. We decided to break this Print-Sign-Scan cycle by creating a digital signature solution that is intuitive, available for all and truly affordable.

A company you can trust

The most important part about digital signatures is security and reliability. Many existing applications sign only part of the document or so-called document content. Our application signs the whole file. This makes it impossible to alter any part of the file.

We Make it Simple

A Digital Signature doesn't have to be complicated.
All technical details should be taken care of by the application.
The signing process is just a few quick steps.
This is how you sign the document with SkySignature:
- Upload the document
- Drag your signature on the right spot on the page
- Finalize the document when you are done.
This is it. You can send the link to the signed document right from the application to any party you want.

Is the Document, signed on this site
secure, reliable and verifiable?

It is definitely more secure and more protected than the faxed or scanned and emailed document.
We believe it is superior to most of the currently implemented algorithms.
Visit www.SkySignature.com/verify to verify the Authenticity of the Document's file and Signatures on the document - go to:
Upload the Document's file to get the Authenticity report.
Alternatively, you can click on the signature on the PDF document
and you will be redirected to the verification page.
The Document's verification is possible only online.

How do I know that the document's co-signatory
is the real person?

There is no "Contact Search" functionality in this application.
The person search functionality is appropriate in social networking sites. We are not a social networking site.
You only can add Contacts to your list if you know the person in the real life.
You have to know the person and his/her email address before inviting him/her to be a contact.
Also, the co-signatory can be added to the document only from your contacts list.





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