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We are committed to provide the highest level of security. This is one of our top priorities. Our general approach is that we always combine the industry standard security solutions with the custom implementations. Time proved that none of software solutions is 100% bullet proof from security prospective. The standard ones are the strongest and well tested, but they are also well known and constantly targeted by various attacks. The custom ones are less common, which gives the application a chance to survive in case there is a new whole discovered in standard software.
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A Digital Signature doesn't have to be complicated. All technical details should be taken care of by the application. The signing process is just a few quick steps. This is how you sign the document with SkySignature:
- Upload the document
- Drag your signature on the right spot on the page
- Finalize the document when you are done.
This is it. You can send the link to the signed document right from the application to any party you want.
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Affordable Uncompromised quality. We believe that the Digital Signature service has to be affordable and available to everyone. We are committed to providing our service at an affordable price to the general public. Our cost remains low but the quality is not compromised. Start a free trial and see if SkySignature is right for you. Do not pay until you like it.
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Fully featured. User intuitive. Our specialty is Digital Signatures. We provide an extensive list of functionalities to make your signing process effortless. We listen to our users and are constantly updating our software to the latest available technology, utmost efficiency and security. We modeled our application after the real world experience you are familiar with.
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Our Features Security, Affordability, Simplicity are our focus points

Paperless Signature - Signed by 1 or more signatories

Upload a document of almost any popular format and it will be converted to PDF on the fly. PDF gives you the assurance that anyone will see your document exactly as you formatted it. It is a widely accepted format for legal documents and it is definitely the right format for Digitally Signed documents.

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Secure Document Storage

All documents are triple encrypted, ever we have no access to view your documents. Our cloud based storage allows you to view and sign your documents from any remote location on any device.

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Quick Signature Verification

Signature verification is just one click away. Signatures on finalized documents become a link that takes you to our signature verification page that provides you with full the auditing trail details about when the signing took place and who signed it. We have a complex algorithm that detects forged documents.

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Fill out complex PDF forms.

We developed a unique and convenient “Type Anywhere” tool. You can type right on the PDF document, fill out complex forms and complete the PDF editing task fast. This is an exclusive feature of Sky Signature application. Our drag-and-drop functionality of dates, names, your signature makes it very easy to fill out document forms.

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Send document for signature

The common problem is – how can you have someone digitally sign the document if he/she does not have an existing account. We solved this problem. The application can generate the secure link and send it to the involved party. Our implementation makes it simple and secure.

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Personalized "Sign-here" tags

Prepare your document for signing by your co-signatories. Add “Sign Here” tags to the exact place on any page. There is a variety of other types of labels such as “Initial Here”, “Name Here” and “Date Here”. You can also personalize these label for any involved party.

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New Features

PDF Tools

If you often need to merge several individual pages from existing PDF documents into a new one - this is the right application for you. Go the "PDF" tools menu, select the source documents and simply drag and drop existing pages to the new Document - it is that simple.

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Pricing Table

We are committed to provide uncompromising digital signature and document management services for the general public free of charge, but we also offer an extended version for Professionals. As an occasional user you may not need the additional features of the SkySignature application. We do not encourage you to subscribe for the Professional version if you do not use the application for regular business needs. If your profession requires to store your signed documents and having access to them from anywhere in the world, then you may consider the additional feature useful and appreciate unlimited storage for your documents – signed and unsigned. Below is the list of features of both versions.

Community Edition


Professional Edition

$1 /Mo. or

$10 per year

Create personalized profile and custom signature (option to hand draw signature) supported feature supported feature
Send documents to be signed by email supported feature supported feature
Convert most popular document formats to PDF supported feature supported feature
Prepare documents for signing (Personalized "Sign Here" e-stickers) supported feature supported feature
Extended PDF Document editing - type anywhere on the document supported feature supported feature
Manage your contacts - create "Signature Rooms" supported feature supported feature
Document verification and signatures report - full audit trail supported feature supported feature
PDF Tools - combine individual pages from separate documents a new document supported feature supported feature
Unlimited document signing supported feature supported feature
Number of stored documents** 10 10,000
Verifiable corporate Seal / Logo not supported feature for professional edition supported feature
Archival Document Storage not supported feature for professional edition supported feature
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* We reserve the right to modify this features at any time in the future, but our approach is to provide the basic service for the community free of charge and to provide the features only needed by professionals in the paid version.

** For the free accounts the maximum number of documents shown is: 10 documents uploaded by you and 10 latest documents you were invited to sign. For paid accounts these numbers are 10,000 and 10,000 accordingly.

*** To keep the active status of a free account a user has to log into the SkySignature application at least once a year. Free accounts being non active for longer than 12 months may be deleted and their documents purged from the system. Although, the system will continue keep records of all signed and finalized documents and they will be verifiable.





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